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Work at MAKERS

Who we are

A team of creative technologists united by a passion for creating amazing solutions, products and providing services in the area of the Internet of Things

We are a bunch of people with different interests, cultures and backgrounds, but we’re united by a common set of values around #nbdkkt

  1. Be fair to others and communicate with respect

  2. Use empathy and fellowship to create an extraordinary team

  3. Deliver results that will make you proud 

  4. Keep value to what you do

  5. Career growth is associated with taking responsibility

  6. Never be satisfied, be curious and experiment

  7. Be transparent, keep promises and build trust

  8. Be positive. Even if you fail.

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We believe in the uniqueness of each person, so we support an individual approach to each of our people. We adapt the relationship between the company and the person to mutual needs and expectations. Also, we love to be friends, not just coworkers.

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We love to experiment (we have our own hardware lab in the office) and share our knowledge in several communities such as IoT Bratislava, Cloud Native - Kubernetes, or others in And also, we support further education by paying certifications.

We care about a positive impact on the world around us, e.g. our people support charities or they are helping in the community where they live.


Who you are

Are you interested in the world of the Internet of Things?

Are you a self-motivated, goal oriented person with a positive approach? 

We believe that personal commitment and motivation is a matter of the inner setting of each person, not a mirror of benefits or synthetical coaching systems. We don’t build a kindergarten to keep people at work as long as possible. We expect that you are a mature personality and respect all your diversity you bring.

We think that common values and the purpose of work create exceptional teams and bring extraordinary results. Make sure you share them with us.

Our products and services are created and provided by our people, not a magical leadership team. Everybody shapes our direction and future.

We guess that if you understand this text, you have your English at least at the level of understanding. You will need it, we have customers around the world.


Remote work, joint decisions and focus on results, not attendance

We are a remote company, work wherever you want. Flexible hours let us schedule our days so that we do our best work without missing out on life's important moments. And of course, no attendance system. 

Any activity or task is a part of the project. We understand that a team's full commitment needs transparency and alignment therefore all work-related decisions (as estimates, scope, due dates and so) are made in consensus and are available transparently to everybody.


We run projects in releases and sprints, communicate all troubles and problems immediately so we can handle them properly. Retrospectives help us to improve.

What it's like to work with us

We are a privately-owned company founded and led by four professionals with a significant track record. We don’t like overly complicated structures, we prefer small and independent teams that share knowledge and jointly deliver projects.

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