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The story of MAKERS began in 2017 when our 4 founders decided to start a company together which would combine their professional fields and offer tailored IoT solutions for customers. They met each other in IoT Bratislava community which is an informal community of professionals and enthusiasts who are inventing and promoting solutions based on Internet of Things technologies. Two of our founders have started this community as an experiment to see whether there is an interest of professional community in the IoT area. There they have not only discovered that there is a live interest of the market and of the community of IT professionals in advancing of IoT technologies in this region, but also got to know our two other founding members. Together they started MAKERS company.

We were aware that there is a lot for us to learn and so we strived to meet new people who could push us to move forward. Also we wanted the community to know about the possibilities of Internet of Things and how it can cotribute to help in such important matters as enviromental sustainbility and so we attended  conferences and meetups to discuss and network with professionals from various areas. 

As four-membered company they have reached out to IT professionals community for team members and they have recruited our first programmers. With new upcoming projects we have started to look for a place for our office which would serve not only for work but also for teambuildings and experimenting with hardware prototypes. After extensive search we have found our office at the Science Park of Commenius University. We set up our office and got to work!

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Nowadays we are a growing company which has profiled itself as technological company offering IoT solutions for energy sector. Despite the recent events of the pandemic we are starting many new exciting projects (see our portfolio) with customers who have found us by a word of mouth. We have a great team who are not only a suberb professionals but who have supported MAKERS through challenging times and have proved themselves as a simply a great bunch of people. And even today we still feel like explorers who have found a new yet undiscovered land and we hope to never lose this attitude of child-like excitement of always trying to move forward. 


Interested in what means to work for MAKERS? See more here. 

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