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Machine Learning Engineer 

Interested in what means to work for MAKERS? See more here. 

Projects we will work on together

  • Building Energy Management System / USA
    product to unlock new revenue for real estate owners by transforming their buildings into power plants and connecting them to new energy markets and customers. Tasks related to creating 21st-century deployments, ensuring smooth operation, securing the whole ICT, and always look forward to how to improve solutions to the Infrastructure problems

Powerful Computer
Computer Tutorials

Your daily job and responsibilities

  1. Develop the concept of operations for the optimization and machine learning models 

  2. Gather and characterize data inputs and outputs for the models 

  3. Drive the architecture, formulation, design, implementation, testing and continuous improvement of the models 

  4. Develop and integrate machine learning and optimization algorithms into production modeling code 

  5. Work with Software Engineers to integrate the modeling code into the software stack 

  6. Assist with sales and strategic decisions by simulating advanced scenarios utilizing the models 

  7. Provide guidance to Jr. modeling engineers and help manage projects within the Modeling & Simulation team

Your Teamleader and team

Ján Masaryk

(Executive born to build products with the best value using modern technologies)

Jan is CEO of MAKERS, one of the co-owners and you will cooperate with him. He is an enthusiastic and innovative business and product developer, software project manager. Part of his journey is a positive impact on the community in which he works, he established the IoT BA community.


The modeling team is responsible for building, deploying, and maintaining complex machine learning models to prepare optimized prediction, simulation, or dispatch plans for the energy portfolio.

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Nicholas Schmidt  

(Chief Technology Officer and lover of all things 1's and 0's)

Nick is a CTO of Blueprint Power, our key partner and you will report directly to him. He is a proven entrepreneurial executive, with extensive expertise in leading lean, agile, high-performing teams that design, engineer, and deliver multi-faceted solutions. His knowledge includes managing complex integration projects, performing unique R&D projects, as well as creating quick reaction capabilities for clients.

Relevant skills, knowledge and experience


    • Experience with HTTP, Websocket, MQTT protocols

    • Experience with one of following programming language (Javascript, Python, Lua), some frameworks like Django is an advantage

    • Experience with data formats like JSON, XML

    • Experience with Linux system (Ubuntu/Debian) 

    • Software Engineering processes and best practices


    • Experience with protocols usually used in industrial and facility environments

    • Experience with databases (Relational/Non-relational)

    • Experience with API ala REST, GrapQL a WebSockets

    • Experience with SCM (git)

    • Knowledge of IoT platform architecture (eg: Thingsboard, AWS or other cloud IoT solutions) 

    • Knowledge of IoT platforms functionality (e.g. Thingsboard is an advantage)

    • Knowledge of microservice architecture and principles

    • Experience with

      • estimating software engineering tasks

      • requirements definitions process


    • Knowledge or experience with Energy Management Systems

    • Knowledge or experience with Smart Building technologies

    • Knowledge of microservice architecture and principles

A team of creative technologists united by a passion for creating amazing solutions, products and providing services in the area of the Internet of Things


Are you interested?

Please make sure that you share the same set of values, contact us at and don’t forget to share your code. Talk is cheap.

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