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Director of Data Science 

Interested in what it means to work at MAKERS? See more here. 

Projects we will work on together

  • Energy Management System / USA

Product that opens the energy marketplace to real estate owners and transforms the built environment into a flexible power network. It’s time to modernize the energy grid using network technology to enable distributed, reliable, and flexible power.

Work Meeting

Your daily job and responsibilities

  1. Lead roadmap for model feature development for a suite of financial and energy optimization tools. 

  2. Work closely with product development managers, energy analysts, and software engineers to prioritize daily tasking of the Modeling & Simulation team. 

  3. Represent Blueprint and debrief simulation outputs to external partners, clients, and stakeholders. 

  4. Collaborate on the development of databases and data pipelines. 

  5. Wear multiple hats in a fast-growing and dynamic startup. 

  6. Help streamline internal and external processes and identify strategic opportunities.

  7. Oversee growth and recruiting for the broader Modeling & Simulation team.

Your Teamleader and team

Ján Masaryk

(Executive born to build products with the best value using modern technologies)

Jan is CEO of MAKERS, one of the co-owners and you will cooperate with him. He is an enthusiastic and innovative business and product developer, software project manager. Part of his journey is a positive impact on the community in which he works, he established the IoT BA community.


The modeling team is responsible for building, deploying, and maintaining complex machine learning models to prepare optimized prediction, simulation, or dispatch plans for the energy portfolio.

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JMA foto 2.jpg

Nicholas Schmidt  

(Chief Technology Officer and lover of all things 1's and 0's)

Nick is a CTO of Blueprint Power, our key partner and you will report directly to him. He is a proven entrepreneurial executive, with extensive expertise in leading lean, agile, high-performing teams that design, engineer, and deliver multi-faceted solutions. His knowledge includes managing complex integration projects, performing unique R&D projects, as well as creating quick reaction capabilities for clients.

Relevant skills, knowledge and experience


    • Deep understanding of data analytics and experience drawing insights from complex systems. 

    • 5+ years of experience with the design, implementation, and deployment of data analysis tools. 

    • 5+ years of technical leadership or program management experience, with a preference for prior work at energy startups or fast-moving teams at larger platforms.

    • 5+ years of python programming and structured software development experience, including experience with Agile software development processes 

    • 5+ years of model development experience using modeling libraries and frameworks such as pandas, pyomo, and PyTorch

    • Experience with optimization (LPs, MILPs and open-source solvers such as GLPK or CBC) and/or data science (supervised and unsupervised learning, classification, regression, deep learning, etc.)

    • Experience working with large volumes of data and integrating machine learning models into a broader software platform

    • Demonstrates excellent analytical, problem solving, and communication skills

    • Experience working with large datasets and SQL and noSQL databases

    • Ability to optimize models and associated code and codedeploy experience  

    • Customer-facing experience is a plus. 

    • Experience with building scalable tools that can adapt to dynamic environments

    • Demonstrated analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills with the ability to communicate complex technical issues in an easy-to-understand manner.

    • A unique perspective that helps bring value to our customers and our internal users. 

    • Experience working with stakeholders to create hiring strategies to develop quality teams.


    • Experience managing complex projects

    • Experience with designing and building platforms to support workflow of ML models from evaluation to production

    • Ability to dive into new codebases, generate data-driven decisions for refactoring opportunities, and contribute code

    • Proven experience mentoring a team of engineers

    • Passion about working on a scalable, robust, modeling software product


    • Open-source contributions or other personal projects

    • Knowledge of database architectures

    • Knowledge of the energy industry - familiarity with energy markets, asset dispatch and financial modeling


What you can expect

  • Result-oriented company - we care about results, not hours. We support each other to reach goals.

  • Interesting job and projects - we work in emerging business and technologies, mostly for foreign customers in the USA and Europe.

  • Learn by experience - you will work with experienced players who love to move forward.

  • Remote-first job - work from wherever you want, our office is a social space, not a mandatory place to work.

  • Flexible time hours - no attendance system or anything similar, choose your time when you work and are productive. 

  • No limit to sick days or holidays - we believe in work-life balance, our people decide how much they work.

  • We like your growth - we care about people in the company, each person has his own growth plan, performance feedback twice per year with engineering level, and rate re-evaluation.

  • We love to learn - Coursera for free, certifications paid and our own internal workshops

  • Transparent environment - we believe in transparency and give our people the possibility to shape the company as their own.

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