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DevOps Engineer 

Interested in what it means to work for MAKERS? See more here. 

Projects we will work on together

  • Building Energy Management System / USA
    Product to unlock new revenue for real estate owners by transforming their buildings into power plants and connecting them to new energy markets and customers. Tasks related to creating 21st-century deployments, ensuring smooth operation, securing the whole ICT, and always look forward to how to improve solutions to the Infrastructure problems

  • Energy IoT Platform / Slovakia
    MAKERS product, create and operate our own solution for our customers in the cloud and on-prem. 

  • Energy Distribution / Austria
    Development and integration services in the area of energy management and SmartGrid. Tasks related to connecting different sources of energy into the IoT network and control them in an optimal way.

    the internal project, supporting our own Infrastructure at MAKERS, connecting engineers to devices and servers, securing our environments and resolving new challenges from projects.

Your Teamleader and team

Dávid Kőszeghy

(Linuxhead trying to automate best security practices in docker containers and Kubernetes environments)


Dávid is Chief Software Lead in MAKERS and one of the co-owners. He is a big fan of CNCF/cloud technologies and is active in multiple technology meetups (such an IoT Bratislava, Kubernetes, etc.).

Infrastructure Team is responsible for working with containers/orchestration tools/automation/CNCF cloud applications to get our solutions to our customers

Virtual Team Meeting
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Your daily job and responsibilities

  1. Design & operate workloads that will be deployed in the cloud with modern technologies (Docker/Kubernetes)

  2. Create packages for easy deployment and maintain configurability of the workloads

  3. Estimate efforts needed for feature development, deployment and maintainability

  4. Share knowledge with the team in areas that you excel at/studied

  5. Design, support and improve software delivery process and experience (e.g.: CI/CD pipeline, developer environment, version control of the components, etc.)

  6. Automate tasks to deploy/maintain SW environments with Ansible for various customers

  7. Provide INFRA support to other engineers

  8. Be part of the INFRA team designing and implementing a data-oriented SLA program for our customers

Relevant skills, knowledge and experience


    • Operating and maintaining GNU/Linux Based VMs (Ubuntu/Debian, Alpine, CentOS..)

    • Terminal & Python/Bash scripts are not your unfriendly territory

    • Experience with Docker container technology ( or similar OCI stack )

      • Creating and maintaining Docker containers

      • Deploying containers to VMs/Orchestration Platform

    • Knowledge of an object-oriented programming language (Python is advantage)

    • Understanding CI/CD concepts and experience with CI/CD pipelines (Gitlab CI advantage)

    • Enthusiasm to learn new technologies (i.e CNCF Landscape) and evaluate new design concepts (i.e Technology Radar)

    • Ability to work independently, problem-solving, and team player approach to solving problems


    • Ability to dive into new codebases, generate data-driven decisions for refactoring opportunities, and contribute INFRA code.

    • Knowledge of various data formats JSON, XML, YAML

    • Networking stack knowledge

      • OSI model

      • Firewall

      • Routing, NAT

      • Load balancers/Failovers

    • Security domain knowledge

      • CIA Triad: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability

      • X.509 Certificates

      • SSH/PGP

      • Basic Auth/OAuth/SSO SAML

    • Kubernetes experience

      • Deploying own cluster manually/automated advantage 

      • CKA/CKAD certification considered an advantage

    • Knowledge of Software Engineering processes & SCRUM principles

    • Experience with estimating software engineering tasks

    • Requirements definitions process

    • Experience with Ansible automation and playbooks

    • Backup/Restore experience with docker based solutions (less ideally with VMs)


    • Cloud-Native Networking/Storage Experience

    • DBA experience (but not just installed and used defaults/basic DDLs/DMLs)

    • Knowledge of the technologies from the CNCF stack or similar

Are you interested?


What you can expect

  • Result-oriented company - we care about results, not hours. We support each other to reach goals.

  • Interesting job and projects - we work in emerging business and technologies, mostly for foreign customers in the USA and Europe.

  • Learn by experience - you will work with experienced players who love to move forward.

  • Remote-first job - work from wherever you want, our office is a social space, not a mandatory place to work.

  • Flexible time hours - no attendance system or anything similar, choose your time when you work and are productive. 

  • No limit to sick days or holidays - we believe in work-life balance, our people decide how much they work.

  • We like your growth - we care about people in the company, each person has his own growth plan, performance feedback twice per year with engineering level, and rate re-evaluation.

  • We love to learn - Coursera for free, certifications paid and our own internal workshops

  • Transparent environment - we believe in transparency and give our people the possibility to shape the company as their own.

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