Data Science Developer

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Projects we will work on together

  • Building Energy Management System / USA
    Product to unlock new revenue for real estate owners by transforming their buildings into power plants and connecting them to new energy markets and customers. Tasks related to creating 21st-century deployments, ensuring smooth operation, securing the whole ICT, and always look forward to how to improve solutions to the infrastructure problems.

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Your daily job and responsibilities

  1. Develop and integrate machine learning, optimization and analytic algorithms into production modeling environments. 

  2. Gather and characterize data inputs and outputs for the models 

  3. Help with testing and continuous improvement of the models. 

  4. Work with Software Engineers to integrate the modeling code into the software stack

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Your Teamleader and team

Andrej Hanušovský

(Data Scientist)

Andrej is a data scientist with an energy background (graduated Energy engineer from Politecnico di Milano, Italy). In The modeling team he is responsible for planning, implementation and deployment of new models and features. You will closely cooperate with him on their  design and programming. 

The modeling team is responsible for building, deploying, and maintaining complex machine learning models to prepare optimized prediction, simulation, analysis and dispatch plans for the energy portfolio.


Relevant skills, knowledge and experience


    • Experience with python programming and structured software development experience, including experience with Agile software development processes 

    • Experience with model development experience using modeling libraries and frameworks such as pandas, numpy, scipy etc.

    • Experience with quick prototyping in jupyter notebooks

    • Experience with manipulation with large datasets

    • Experience working with SCM (git)


    • Analytical, problem solving, and communication skills

    • Experience with data science (data cleansing, data manipulations, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, classification, regression, deep learning, etc.) and/or optimization (LPs, MILPs and open-source solvers such as GLPK or CBC)

    • Presentation skills to showcase your obtained results to non-developers


    • Experience working with large volumes of data (preferable time series) and integrating machine learning models into a broader software platform

    • Experience working with data visualization with packages such as plotly or plotly-dash. 

    • Experience working with optimization and machine learning frameworks such as pyomo, scikit-learn and PyTorch

    • Experience working with Docker and Kubernetes

    • Experience working with Linux system (Ubuntu/Debian)

    • Experience working with cloud systems such as GCP.  

    • Open-source contributions or other personal projects

    • Knowledge of the energy industry - familiarity with energy markets, asset dispatch and financial modeling

    • Ability to take responsibility for high-level requirements and their implementation 


What you can expect

  • Result-oriented company - we care about results, not hours. We support each other to reach goals.

  • Interesting job and projects - we work in emerging business and technologies, mostly for foreign customers in the USA and Europe.

  • Learn by experience - you will work with experienced players who love to move forward.

  • Remote-first job - work from wherever you want, our office is a social space, not a mandatory place to work.

  • Flexible time hours - no attendance system or anything similar, choose your time when you work and are productive. 

  • No limit to sick days or holidays - we believe in work-life balance, our people decide how much they work.

  • We like your growth - we care about people in the company, each person has his own growth plan, performance feedback twice per year with engineering level, and rate re-evaluation.

  • We love to learn - Coursera for free, certifications paid and our own internal workshops

  • Transparent environment - we believe in transparency and give our people the possibility to shape the company as their own.

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