We would like to introduce some of our team members to show who we are working with and how stellar team we have. 

Broňa Pečíková

Hi, my name is Bronislava, I studied applied mathematics and I have an Engineering Degree from the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies. During my studies of math I have realized that math and informatics are very closely related and interdependent disciplines, so I became interested in programming. Afterwards, I have decided to continue my studies in informatics, because I was fascinated by algorithms, data and work with data, and I knew that in the future I would like to work in these areas. My hobbies are cycling, running, riding and hiking. During summer I like to organize rafting camps on Slovak and Czech rivers and in my younger age I used to spend my free time rock climbing


Samo Wendl

Hello, I’m Samuel and I am from Pezinok, a little vineyard city at the foot of the Little Carpathians. Since I was 6, when we got our first notebook with Windows 3.11., I have always been happy to discover and test its possibilities. At first, I used to cause troubles to other members of my family, but after some time that changed and since high school I used to help my family and friends to solve their technical problems as a “family technician”. When choosing a college I set my hopes on MatFyz faculty (Faculty of Mathematics, Physic and Informatics), where I had an opportunity to refine my skills and improve my knowledge, whether my programming skills (I had actually studied programming), team work or ability to pick a good project partner (good project partner is always priceless). I like that my job is never boring (whenever something can get complicated it will get complicated) but joking aside - it is important for me to see some meaning in the project that I am working on so that the work is not just time filled in in order to make money. At MAKERS I work not only on projects in which I can see a meaning but also have a potential to become innovations which can positively change the world. My big passion is hiking and for this year, in addition to Slovakia, I plan to hike around Iceland as well.


How did you get to work for MAKERS?

How do you like MAKERS so far?


I must admit that the beginnings weren’t easy. The transition from “standard semi-corporate” to MAKERS can be a bit of a shock. There is a completely different style of work at MAKERS - based on mutual trust and flexibility. The company always tries to meet my needs and I always do my best to fulfill my commitments. It is a style of work that requires a greater degree of responsibility and independence than I was used to as a junior in a “classic IT company”. On the other hand, this is one of the things I value at MAKERS and it fits me more than the traditional approach.


From the beginning, everyone in the company was very friendly and patient with me when I needed it. As we are not a big company, we all get to know each other and we have a good chemistry thanks to which there is a great cooperation between teams. As for benefits, I would pick out the support of education and licenses. Just last autumn, MAKERS supported me to get a CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administration) Certificate from the Linux Foundation and I was provided with free time to study and prepare and I was reimbursed for the certificates' cost. In addition, we always deal straightforwardly and fairly, which are invaluable things.


 I’ve heard very good things about MAKERS from one of their team members but also from an entrepreneur who worked with the company. Based on that, during the period when I was looking for a job, I decided to contact this company as well.


After finishing college I’ve been told about MAKERS by one of my friends who knew I would like to work on IoT projects as this area interests me and is promising for the future.

What do you value most about your work with MAKERS?


I value the fairness and correct approach of this company the most. I also like the fact that MAKERS regard each of its team members individually and try to take into consideration their needs and current life situation. For example, I appreciate that I can work part-time, adjust my work hours according to myself and, most importantly, that I can work from home (no matter the pandemic situation). I can also see the company’s efforts to offer me to work on projects in areas that interest me and in which I would like to further develop  my skills.


 I appreciate the flexibility of my work the most as I am not limited as people in 9-5 jobs, because we prioritize agreed deadlines and not attendance. This gives personal freedom, but at the same time it requires more responsibility and it teaches one to learn how to make good time estimates. I would also like to mention the human approach and therefore that I am not forced to work till I will drop dead from working overtime. Since we always want to help each other we often volunteer to pull together as we are helping out another of our team members.


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