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About us

MAKERS, ltd. is a agile tech company, we design and realise complex projects in the area Internet of things for business customers. Our core team has experiences from all areas of IoT projects, therefore we can cover all key areas of delivery such as:
  • design concept, architecture and technology of future IoT solution
  • hardware selection and integration
  • programming of IoT Edge and PLC remote controllers
  • IoT platforms integration & development
  • API development
  • BigData development and data integration
  • GUI configuration and development for web and mobile
We have already references in areas of SmartCity, SmartHome, SmartGrid, SmartBuilding, SmartLighting, etc.

Our projects aim at
  • Saving costs and improving processes in utility companies
  • Energy saving and improved comfort and handling in smart buildings and homes
  • Building data collection and transfer systems wherever sensors are deployed
  • Providing deep IoT insight to companies producing smart products
Members of the core team of MAKERS are also founders of the IoT Bratislava community. It now has more than 400 members and not only organizes regular meetings but also supports hardware enthusiasts in IoT based solutions. We started the first community LoraWAN network in Slovakia for development and testing purposes of IoT devices. 

We use a proven HW/SW platform with hundreds of deployments throughout Europe. We have a close cooperation with the platform vendor in order to meet any customer demand in the rapidly developing IoT domain.

Our references and ongoing projects

The company Intelectric, a predecessor of Makers was selected by Wien Energie GmbH, a major energy provider in Austria, to develop and implement a turnkey smart home solution for full management of all appliances and energy production units based on advanced algorithms and data from multiple smart home sensors. The typical smart home has solar systems, heat pumps, e-car charger, battery station, smart meters, etc. The solution has been successfully installed at pilot smart houses and will be offered nationwide. 

Our team is now working on IoT solutions for several companies in different industries. We have a running research and development work for several electric and heat distribution companies, we are also preparing innovative solutions for facility management companies. One of our most recent projects is focused on R&D for the Ecocapsule project, where we are building a mobile smart home system for sustainable living.

Selected partnerships

  • Thingsboard – partnership with an open-source IoT platform provider.
  • Embedded Systems – supplier of HW a SW PLC platform, which we delivered in our several projects.


MAKERS s. r. o.
Vedecký park UK 
Ilkovičova 8, 841 04 
Bratislava, Slovakia